It is rare to find a gifted editor. No one is more thoughtful and inspiring to work with than Sandra Eisert. I am grateful for her sage advice and the opportunities over the years that have followed.

All photographers want someone who can find the gems in their work. Sandra’s abilities as an editor go far beyond that basic talent.

She finds subtlety and nuance in photographs but also grasps broad concepts. She can help guide a photographer to organize their thoughts, assess priorities and build a strong project.

Sandra is extraordinarily adept at helping photographers identify their strengths. She applies her intellect and focuses on clarity in a project—yet she sees limitless possibilities.

Her professional experiences are varied in managing, designing, art directing and photo editing. She worked in award-winning newsrooms of The Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News and other newspapers. At the White House, as its first editor, she edited David Kennerly’s photographs of President Gerald Ford. She has coordinated, edited and designed countless books and projects.

Whether a developing photographer who can use guidance to make portfolio selections or a seasoned professional who needs advice from a tough editor on a project, Sandra is caring but always honest in her assessments.

Melissa Farlow

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