At the beginning of my career, the half-hour phone conversation we had about a story she was assigning me [while Sandra was Picture Editor at The Washington Post] literally transformed me from student to pro.

I was asked not to merely “look” for moments but to see them as they were about to happen…[to] set these moments together in a cohesive story and, above all, to get to AP to transmit by 2:00 p.m. the next day…

Naturally when it came time to create a retrospective book on my Pulitzer work, I called Sandra to guide the editing, design and the details of the publication. Given her extensive experience in every level of the process in multiple formats, her work with the best photographers, editors and publishers in the business, Sandra is uniquely qualified to help photographers and major publications take the next step in visual presentation in print, on the web and beyond.

Kim Komenich

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